The Warehouse

The owners and tenants, who are behind Warehouse Fitness Centre, wanted to renovate the existing construction into a mix-used development, so the gym could operate on the first floor and the ground level could be separated into six multipurpose tenancy areas. We worked closely with Architect Drew O’Dwyer to transform the construction into a versatile building that retained the grungy warehouse details, but was modern and attractive to gym members and an array of businesses. The gym needed to remain operating over the year-long project, so we had to fastidiously manage the site and organise temporary services while we reconfigured the entire warehouse’s network, as well as restructure the build to meet modern safety and fire requirements. The gym, which is the largest in WA, was only closed for seven consecutive Sundays while we seamlessly moved the entire operation upstairs. We were happy to hear the gym is as successful as ever.


Commercial Redevelopment to a 6000m2 multi tenancy site


OX Studio


Dion Robeson